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Take Care na ja, Thailand!

I just received messages from Top, my Thai friend from SSEAYP who lived in Bangkok. I asked him about the latest situation there. He said that Bangkok is stressful and dangerous now. He keeps his self in town. The train stations are closed with curfew tonight.

I heard from the other SSEAYP family that just outside his apartment had just been bomb.

Fyuh. So scary. :(

And.. My SSEAYP brother from Indonesia, Mas Wira Respati – journalist from SCTV, he’s in Bangkok now, reporting the latest situation there. (ganbatte, oom!)

Hopefully the clashes will end soon. Still waiting the news from my foster family there..

take care na ja, Thailand!

p.s. : those ‘Thailand’ armbands, we got it from our Thailand SSEAYP friends.. :)


5 thoughts on “Take Care na ja, Thailand!

    1. ya ampun mba’e, aku baru sadar kalo judul tulisannya ambigu. :D
      maksudnya mau pake gaya ngomongnya thai people yg pake na ja na ja itu, hehe.. lupa, cabinmate mu namanya Na. :D


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