Idul Adha on board M.S. Nippon Maru 2008

I still remember Idul Adha 2 years ago.

I celebrated it with my Moslem friends from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, on board M.S. Nippon Maru . We celebrated it in the middle of South China Sea! :) We were on our journey from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to Manila (the Philippines). The khatib was Bang Dedi, my friend from Kepulauan Riau (who repeatedly said ‘sidang Jumat yang berbahagia’ instead of ‘sidang shalat Idul Adha yang berbahagia’ LOL) and for the Imam was one of my friend from Malaysia.

Bang Dedi, with his favourite sentence : "sidang Jumat yang berbahagia.." :D

So far, Idul Adha 2008 is the most memorable Idul Adha for me. First, that was my first Idul Adha without my big big family. Second, i celebrated it in the middle of nowhere :D. Third, i celebrated it with my dearest SSEAYP Family. :) Fourth, that was the first time i cried the tears during Idul Adha! :D

the press captured me! :"> OMG, look at that chubby cheek. -_-'

How could i didn’t cry when i heard takbir in the middle of the ocean? :’)

After shalat, we celebrated our holy day in the dining hall. We ate rendang & ketupat!! YEAY! Thanks to our friends from Malaysia who brought the instant rendang & ketupat, and the ship crews who kindly help us to cook those loooovely foods! :)

Special thanks to Administrative Staffs from Japan who kindly allow us to did our prayer after flag hoisting ceremony, and our non-moslem friends who helped us captured the moment with their camera/handycam. ;)

the girls' shaf
the boys' shaf
Idul Adha on board the ship!

Happy Ied Mubarak! :)


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