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Wish Tree at Darul Hikam International School

One day, a couple months ago, I found a ‘Wish Tree’ at Darul Hikam International School (DHIS). I read some of them and I was surprised by seeing this wish:


one of the 'wish' :)

One of the student’s wish is: semoga bisa ke Jepang!! =) (I wish I can go to Japan)

This ‘wish’ surprised me because we have the same ‘wish’! :) When I was in Elementary School, I dreamed about Japan. One of the reason is.. Doraemon. :D One day while I’m watching Doraemon, I promised myself that someday I will visit Doraemon. :D

And 12 years after the promise, my dream comes true. I visited Doraemon’s country, though I didn’t have a chance to visit him in person. :D

Don’t be afraid to dream. One day, if you believe, your dream will come true. :)

“to a little sister/brother who wrote that ‘I want to go to Japan’ wish and the others students of DHIS, I hope someday your dreams will come true, dik.. :)”

Oh I looove this ‘Wish Tree’ idea! :)


2 thoughts on “Wish Tree at Darul Hikam International School

  1. Kakak temanku ada yg dapat beasiswa sekolah di Jepang, aku sampai mohon2 nitip uang buat dibeliin oleh2 dari sana tapi ngga dapet, beberapa tahun kemudian aku nginjakin kaki kesana dan beli oleh2 sendiri…he..he…


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