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Nina Nina Nina!

I’m falling in love with Nina since the first time I know her. I started watching Nina’s videos on Youtube since she was a baby. Salute to her daddy who always record every single moments of Nina’s daily activities. It makes me (and thousands people who watch Nina’s videos) wants to have a daughter like Nina! :D

A brief introduction about Nina:
She’s a daughter of Japanese Mommy & American Daddy. She lives in Japan. She speaks Japanese & English. She’s so cuuuuute & smart! I can’t tell you more. Just watch her videos here! ;)

Here I wanna share one of her videos. This video suprising me because she did Aitakatta dance! My Japanese friends also performed it during SSEAYP 2008. So JPYs, you have a competitor now! :D

Oh Nina.. Someday when your age turn to 20, please join SSEAYP! :D


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